Pascal Brateau

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Résumé"Pascal Brateau attempts the almost impossible: to fold space; something invisible. He is not concerned with objects that are in space, but those with which space itself becomes tangible, touchable. He says: “You can only understand space if you measure yourself against it; where “se mesurer” in French means to measure, but at the same time to confront, to encounter, in the sense of confronting, defying…A beautiful thought: to defy space, to wrest from it as an artist what you have to say. That means nothing less than asserting oneself in a space that is always socially determined, as a free space, a space of one’s own, a play space, both public and private."
Nathanaël R. Bartholomew
Pays de nationalitéFrance
Mouvementart conceptuel, minimalism
Société de gestion des droits d'auteurnon
ŒuvresTRAUM,a, The Other Side Of The World, attention maison 1, attention maison 2, attention maison 3, reminiscence (way through 2), résurgence, way through